Our Team


Our team works together in a spirit of care, love and joy to provide a unique space for enriching encounters. Our vision is to make all aspects of our operation sustainable. To this end, we work with local service providers and producers who follow ethical and environmental standards. We are delighted to welcome you to Caux.


Fabian Büecheler – Team Leader, Development & Reservations

Fabian Büecheler  started working for Initiatives of Change in 2011 and has since held multiple positions within the organization. As Hospitality Manager, in charge of the development and smooth running of the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre, he can draw on wide knowledge from his background in hospitality and tourism. He is driven by his enthusiasm for developing, adapting and improving the centre’s facilities and services. He is passionate about connecting people and welcoming groups year-round, tailoring services to their individual needs. His presence and flexibility offer our guests not only a safe space but also a feeling of home.


Natalia Cornaz – Local Partnerships & Human Resources

Natalia Cornaz  joined the team in May 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from the École hôtelière de Lausanne. She has worked in several positions in Finance and Human Resources and brings all this valuable experience to Caux. Her free spirit and open heart foster harmony and creativity within the team and beyond. Her passion for people was enhanced by three years’ travelling in Asia. She   is dedicated to the quest for inner peace and spiritual strength, through yoga, walking in nature, meditation, skiing and water-skiing. Natalia holds the space in Caux for everyone who wants to come and discover new horizons.


Cindy Bühler – Marketing & Hospitality

In March 202 Cindy Bühler  joined the hospitality team after having returned to Switzerland and working all over the world. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management) and has worked in five-star hotels in the USA, Taiwan, Mexico and Switzerland. She founded a successful dancing school in Mexico, where she enjoyed bringing people together for events and creating unity among the dance community. She loves to free her body, mind and creativity through dance, yoga, long hikes in nature and jumping into cold water.


Elsa Biruk – Housekeeping

Elsa Biruk has taken care of the housekeeping department in the Caux Palace and Villa Maria since 2000. She makes sure that our guests enter a fresh space and can fully enjoy the views and calm during their stay. She also ensures that they enjoy a healthy breakfast before tackling their day.


Adrien Giovannelli – Technical support

Adrien Giovannelli and his maintenance team look after the premises, inside and out. They make sure all the installations run well, renovate the buildings and take care of the gardens. Adrien’s long-standing knowledge of the Caux Palace and its equipment, and his attention to detail, are a great support to the hospitality team and our guests. He provides the technical services needed to run a successful event in Caux.

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